Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello all, so given the recent bombardment of information about the Tiger Woods incident I felt that I had to give my own meagre two cents on the issue at hand. First of all there is a lot of confusion and speculation about the facts, did he cheat? didn't he cheat? did his wife attempt to save him or to hurt him? Were any drugs or alcohol involved? Just recently allegations of a drug overdose have sprung up (see this link). My own personal opinion is that whatever sins he committed against himself or his family, he needs to deal with privately. In other words although there is no doubt that he did something to hurt his family (as per his blog on http://www.tigerwoods.com/ ) the entire world does not need to get involved. I wish the best for him and his family and my heart goes out to his children who are caught up in the middle of all of this and of course his wife who must be devastated during this time. Let's remember that no one is perfect and although they may no longer be able to maintain a romantic relationship I hope the Woods can maintain a civil and respectful one for the sake of the children. Let me know what you think?