Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello my devoted followers (and other people who just happened to stumble across this blog)

I have been away for a looong time mourning the loss of my golden opportunity to join the cast of GLEE. However the new season has perked up my spirits and I'm back once again. From now until the end of the season I will try to post a weekly message regarding my thoughts on the new Glee episode each week. Good or bad I ask that you respect my opinons and I will respect yours in turn.

Since I haven't posted any for the first 3 weeks I will do so now (FYI if you'd like to watch the full episodes,  they are available online in Canada  Here and in the states Here) :

Season 2 episode 1 - Audition

Ok so I thought the first episode was fantastic! Love love love coach Beiste (she's kinda a mix between Will and Shu don't ya think? in terms of her personality) Sunshine Corazone sings amazingly but seems like kinda a bubblehead (smiles all the time, even when she gets sent to a crack house) now I dunno if that's how the character is suppose to be or if Charice is just a bad actress, I guess we'll find out. Finally the new guy Sam, good looking and he sings great, but there have been rumours floating around that he will become Kurt's new love interest. I can't wait to see what happens with him.

Season 2 episode 2 - Brittany

This episode wasn't my favorite. Maybe because I'm not a huge fan of Brittany Spears. However, I did appreciate Heather Morrison's rendition of her songs though. It was her first solo and she imitated Brittany really well. Otherwise the episode was kind of dry. However, John Stamos was a treat. He's awesome and doesn't seem to age. Does anyone remember him from full house?! Love him!

Season 2 episode 3 - Grilled Cheesus

Wow this must've been the most serious and intense episode of Glee so far. I really liked the fact that they sang songs about faith, a subject that's often avoided. Can't wait to see what happens with Kurt's dad.